Selecting the Top Ear-rings For Your Own Facial Type

There are various elements take into consideration when picking which ear-rings to utilize, and your face is one. People have their own facial structure but generally speaking, facial structures fit into the kinds listed below: Why ear-rings? Ear-rings could make the face appear broad, skinny, prolonged or fat based on the face structure. Each and…

12 Best Indian Instagram Accounts To Travel With

Indians are everywhere. And what better way to discover the world than with the best Indian Instagram accounts to travel the world. These are my top picks for the beauty of their photographs.

Coachella Fashion: Best Festival Outfits of 2018

This is a great time of the year to see the new super inspiring festival outfit brought to us by the Coachella crowd. Coachella fashion is my favorite source of bohemian style. I’m scanning Instagram for the best festival looks this year.

10 Instagram Photos That Will Inspire You to Travel The World

Today, I want to show you to some of the best Instagram photos that have inspired me to travel the world. Get pen and paper ready for that bucket list! R.E.S.C.U.E Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya. View this post on Instagram Reteti doesn’t only care for elephants. We also care for a host of other…