About us

Current Location: Madrid, Spain.

Upcoming trips:

  • South-of-France
  • Monaco
  • North of Italy
  • Spain

Stitch & Shizzle is the memories and discoveries of Nidhi and Miguel. They found each other in India and have happily continued their journey together ever since.

Nidhi was born in Ahmedabad, India. Labeled a difficult child, she fought her parents to let her study outside of her hometown, something still uncommon for girls in her country. Nidhi lives for traveling and gets excited by small things like a smile or a blossoming flower. The sky, she says, is the biggest source of inspiration: the moon, the scattered stars, a sunset or even the cosmos, keep her dreaming.

Miguel is from Zaragoza, Spain, an ancient Roman settlement not far from Barcelona. He never found motivation in becoming a lawyer or a doctor, so he dropped out of school and moved to London to learn about fashion, culture and the arts.

Together, they are Stitch & Shizzle, a travel and fashion diary for those moved by fashion, travel and true luxury: the luxury of individuals who find love in small things.