Hotel de Londres, a taste of luxury with the finesse of San Sebastian

Stitch and Shizzle with Hotel Londres San Sebastian
Stitch and Shizzle with Hotel Londres San Sebastian

Springs in Spain are unlike anything you’ve seen on your friends’ holiday pictures. The sunny spells and beach holidays come back every year, but only after the spring blossom and occasional rains of the beginning of the year.

For my boyfriends birthday we decided to spend a few days in our beloved San Sebastian. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and it has the distinctive identity you can only find in the Basque Country. San Sebastian, also know as Donosti in the local language, has its own airport and makes for the perfect base if you wish to explore this wild region.

La Concha beach is the epicentre of the city and will give you the best views of a romantic sunset. In fact, the best view is from the top floor of Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra. I have to tell you, those cloudy sunsets are EPIC!

We had spotted the elegant building of the Hotel Londres in one our our previous visits to San Sebastian. It is a classic beachfront hotel that hosts many of the starts of the San Sebastian Film Festival, a yearly event that unites the latest works of talented movie-makers in Europe.

The staff is incredibly friendly and polite, and the quality of the restaurant is five stars.

The rooms are spacious with a massive king bed and a resting area. We were so tired after exploring the city that we spent a lot of time in the room, just chilling and looking at the sea. But if you are in San Sebastian, you MUST enjoy the local cuisine: and the first taste of it comes from the hotel’s breakfast buffet. Bon Appetit!

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  1. Sheree says:

    I too love San Sebastian


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