True Luxury Comes in Unexpected Ways at Arantza Hotela

My boyfriend and I have the privilege to visit dozens of wonderful destinations every year. By the traditional definition, Arantza Hotela is the most luxurious stay one could have: Mountain-view jacuzzis and SPA, and delicious local cuisine are some of the amenities we enjoyed there. But luxury goes beyond the obvious, and it’s found in small doses. A luxury experience is one that is authentic and unique. In this case, the uniqueness of true and raw nature.


The way to the hotel was almost as good as the hotel itself. You pass the beautiful village of Arantza and adventure yourself into the narrow roads of the region. Slowly but gradually, cars are replaced by cows and horses, and noise is replaced by fresh air. We were so amazed we actually stopped a few times on the way. At some point, the forest is so dense you can barely see the sky. It’s wonderful!


And just before we arrived at our destination, we found a couple of wild horses running around our car! We admired them as they played and run around. As amazed as we were, it turns out that this is a pretty common scene in the area. Animals roam free wherever you go!


Our mountain-view room was the most romantic sight I could have imagined. There were two comfy chairs where we just sat and admired the view. So much peace.


The bed was made out of horse hair. Apparently, it takes very long to make each one of them, and the result is outstanding. Very comfortable indeed.


I would recommend Arantza Hotela to those looking for a genuinely good luxury experience in nature. There is so much to enjoy in the region, and there is no better place to do it than at this outstanding hotel.


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