The most fun way of experiencing San Sebastian

I love luxurious treats, but sometimes you come across a different type of luxury – the luxury of authenticity. For our latest trip to San Sebastian, we decided to go for a fun place where we could meet people and find the true essence of San Sebastian.

Among plenty of choices, a nice hostel in the city centre caught our eye. It was clean and modern. But the reason we chose it was the many social choices they offered: dancing classes, local cuisine, a nice terrace, or a sidreria – you name it. The hostel has a moto of meeting new people and we really liked the idea of making new friends for the holiday. The Hostel was called simply enough, “A Room in The City.” I am going to tell you about everything about my super fun experience!

The location was super convenient which is very important as we wanted to walk around the historic city centre without needing a car. The hostel is literally 2-minutes away to La Concha – an incredible beach where only the brave swim. The sight is spectacular.

We were there for Halloween and there were loads of activities. The hostel has an excellent restaurant named Jatetxea where the chef prepared a special Halloween menu full of delicacies. I am quite demanding when it comes to food and the food exceeded all my expectations. Kudos to the chef. We went back to the restaurant because we wanted to keep trying its very elaborate options. But a picture speaks more than a thousand words (WARNING: the following pictures will make you hungry!)

After dinner, we head out to a special Halloween party at the Cripta club. The decoration was super spooky! More so if you know that the club is built in an actual burial site from when the building was a convent. Really great music and ambience! In fact, we went back a couple of times and every time the place was lively and super fun. The resident DJ us called DJ Axel Casas and his taste in music is superb! Shake your bootie!

The hostel has a great terrace called the Pation, where to have drink or breakfast. The food is delicious. Can I tempt you to have a delicious Spanish tortilla? Hmmm my mouth is watering already. There are plenty of Insta-worthy options too! And don’t miss the activities. When we were there, there was a social dance Lindy Hop show. It was super fun! It didn’t take long for people of all ages to join the dance.

The is always going on at the Pation, and a sunny Sunday gave way to a flea market with lots of interdependent designers. I found a lot of unique handcrafted products from Spain! And not the souvenit type of a thing but really amazing vintage clothes, socks and really funky stuff too.

But perhaps my favourite part of the holiday was the sidreria experience. In the Basque Country, the traditional restaurants are know as sidrerias. We had never been to one and we were amazed. The Txirrita Sagardotegia had massive barrels of different types of cider. The staff are professionals and accompanied us as we tried every single type as part of a set menu. I can honestly tell you that I have never enjoy a steak so much in my life. It was glorious. At the end of the meal, the staff let us try one final special type of cider. The tradition says, if you head a cow when you drink, you will have good luck in your life. And I did hear it! By the way, you can have as many refills of cider as you wish!

This was an awesome holiday – I am so happy that we experienced all this and that we chose Convent Garden. It wasn’t the usual holiday of relaxation but a holiday of getting out of the comfort zone and really experiencing San Sebastian like the locals. 10 out of 10!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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  1. Sheree says:

    Glad you enjoyed San Sebastian, it’s one of my favourite places to visit.


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