The Best View of Bastia from Within the Citadel

Our Corsica trip was a great mix of sunshine, trekking and history. We had a short city-break in between to visit Bastia and its ancient Citadel. If you are visiting Corsica, chances are that you will land at its capital, so it’s worth spending a few days to enjoy this magnificent city.



At the heart of the Citadel, we found Hotel Des Gouverneours, a 4* oasis that has just been refurbished to the highest standards.



We chose this hotel for its iconic location in the Citadel, but the best attractions in Bastia are also walking distance: the port or the Church of Saint Jean Baptiste are landmarks you can’t miss. If you have time, I’d also recommend visiting the Museum of Bastia – a captivating collection of local history.



As soon as you come into the Citadel, you will have the Cathedral of Bastia on the left. I was really impressed when I walked in the hotel – the property faces the sea and our room had stunning views of the port.


The hotel has a swimming pool if you’d like to relax, and is surrounded by stores if shopping therapy works better for you. Be ready to gain weight too, with the hotel’s delicious breakfast! When we were there, they had an amazing cheesecake, but the buffet changed every day with new fresh products.


Definitely a memorable stay at Hotel Des Gouverneours in Bastia!


What I Wore

Pair of earrings: Bombay Sunset

Necklace: Bombay Sunset

Top: Zara

Bottom: Zara

Necklace: Bombay Sunset

Until next time



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