The Most Unique Villa Experience in the Mountains of Bonifacio, Corsica

I’ve dreamed about a countryside villa in Corsica ever since I first heard about the Mediterranean forest and mountain landscapes of the island. Sometimes, dreams do come true. And the goal at Villa Madra seems to be to make dreams come true.DSC03820



We drove North to South from Bastia. Not a long drive full of pretty sights and beach stops. There are lots of small beaches if you wish to stop, but you won’t want to since every minute is better spent in Bonifacio — the most beautiful and naturally gifted part of the island.



DSC03938 - Copy

At some point on the way, you will have to adventure off the road and through the narrow paths of Corsica. The last few minutes of the way will put you at ease as you realize what you are about to experience. Villa Madra has the most privileged location in Bonifacio. Completely secluded and with views of the mountains and Corsican forest all over. Hours felt like minutes as I stared at the horizon from the swimming pool. The breeze there has a different scent — the one of purity.




Villa Madra is a small family-run hotel with three incredible villas. Each one has a unique design, including handmade furniture. Sylvie, the host, has used recycled wood to make the cutest details. This comes to show how much she cares for her guests.






Every villa has its private outdoor terrace with a barbecue. For city Millenials like us, it is like a dream come true. We didn’t even know how to make a fire but Sylvie explained to us how and we had all we needed for it. So cool! So there we were, watching Netflix, enjoying the sunset and eating the best barbecue I’ve tried in my life!




You can opt for breakfast to be delivered to you every day, and I recommend that you do. Every product has been sourced from the local market every day and curated especially for you. We tried some wonderful Corsican delicacies and organic products from the region.




I would highly recommend spending 5 minutes with Sylvie upon arrival. She loves Bonifacio and will be happy to explain where to find the best beaches.

DSC03895 - Copy






Corsica isn’t a very busy island like Ibiza or Mallorca, but parking might be difficult during the high season unless you follow her advice to beat the crowd.



Villa Madra is the type of little cute hotel you’d like to go back every year. It is definitely an outstanding and distinct experience you couldn’t enjoy anywhere else in the world. Being a small family-run hotel, you are drawn into the life of the locals in the most luxurious and authentic way possible.



Thank you, Sylvie, for this wonderful stay. ❤ Can’t wait to be in Bonifacio again.

Until next time! xoxo

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  1. Sheree says:

    Sounds lovely! We adore Corsica out of season and love cycling there because the scenery is magnificent and the roads are quiet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you, it was an amazing trip.


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