Where to Stay in L’Île-Rousse—The Cutest Little Village in Corse

Corsica is one of the biggest island paradises in the Mediterranean sea. A bigger island means a log of great things, like… more secret beaches, more stunning views, and countryside to roam free and disconnect from civilisation. Being a French island, Corsica is privileged in terms of food and the finesse of its hotels and residences. Within this realm of beauty, we found L’Île-Rousse, the most picturesque little village facing the sea.




This tiny little village is located in the north of the island, just before Calvi and just one hour drive from the airport. We rented a car for a pretty good price and had a pleasant journey through the mountains that lead to L’Île-Rousse. It’s just like in the movies! Every hill is littered with flowers of all colors. We had an early flight and I was very sleepy but couldn’t help it but looking at every detail of the gorgeous landscape!



Where to Stay

We wanted a place where to enjoy all the comforts of home while enjoying a new experience. And we found Residence Saletta… Bingo!




The residence has a small number of luxury apartments. We loved the decoration of the apartment: clean and modern, but charming and cosy.




Our apartment had two rooms so we could use one as a walk-in wardrobe. The whole experience had luxuries beyond the obvious. For example, the views were stunning all over: I could see the sea from the balcony, the lighthouse from the windows on the North, and the countryside on the West. So cool!




What to Do & See

Pigna: The village is INCREDIBLY beautiful and just 30 minutes away from the hotel. Sunsets there are spectacular: pink skies and stunning views of the sea from the height of the hill.


Have a Cap Corse – the island’s most traditional drink and just enjoy the sight!


The abandoned village of Occi: The lovely hotel staff recommended this nice trek in the mountains. The walk was about 40 minutes – not too difficult, and the views will leave you with an open mouth. Definitely recommended.



An endless coastline: Chill in the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the North. It’s the perfect place for sunbathing as the breeze will keep you cool and classy. For the adventurous ones, there are many scuba diving schools.



My Verdict?

The Calvi area is stunning and L’Île-Rousse exceeded all our expectations. Residence Saletta was an incredible experience — The accommodation was luxurious in every way with the freedom to have your own living space. The hotel staff knows the area like no other and helped us getting an unforgettable experience — this made all the difference! Superb 😍





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