Best Affordable Jewelry Brands Under 100€

Affordable jewellery means being able to buy a new piece like you’d buy a new t-shirt and look super fresh with a revamped look.

🔝 Be ready because here come my top 5 picks this season!

Find the coolest new jewelry designs without breaking your pocket with these up and coming and popular costume jewelry brands. Find the Top 10 Fashion Jewelry Brand List here:

Bombay Sunset

My own jewellery firm celebrates beauty in all its forms. I express myself creatively with innovative designs that will make you smile 😚

Discount code: FREESHIPPING

Orelia Jewellery

Brit brand prettying up your jewellery collection.

Pedrusco Jewelry

“Artisan ceramic jewelry and objects.” Super cool Spanish brand.

Maria Pascual

A free-spirited jewellery entrepreneur from Barcelona.

Dog Eared Jewelry

They create beautiful accessories with meaning & messages.


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