Toulouse Guide: 2 Days In The Pink City (Part 1)

Toulouse is a city off the radar to most people, making it a very attractive destination for those who want to go beyond Paris and Saint-Tropez to discover the true France – one of fine bakeries, delicious food… and more fine bakeries!


Toulouse is called the pink city for the distinct shade of the stone used in its most iconic monuments and buildings. “La vie en rose”, as the French say.

This trip was awesome – filled with spontaneous visits to the local creperie. But what’s more important: we had invaluable travel advice from two locals, our Toulousain friends Jerome and Veronique!

Extra Tip: I will tell you where to stay to have a unique French experience 😉


How to get there

Toulouse has its own airport only 20 minutes away from the city center. We found an awesome deal which made car rental even cheaper than getting a cab! Here is where we found it.

We flew from Madrid which was a 1h flight. Just enough time for a quick nap and this beautiful sunset:


Things to Do in Toulouse

There is plenty to see in and around Toulouse. Among the best of the best, we found Le Jardin Japonais and Saint-Cirq-Lapopie – a tiny little village in the middle of a natural park near Toulouse. We have some stunning pictures in there and will share them with you in the next blog post (follow me on Instagram to see the latest!)

Some other places you must see are the following, and chances are that you will just bump into them as you walk through the city:

  • Couvent des Jacobins
  • Capitole de Toulouse
  • Musée Saint Raymond
  • Foundation Bemberg

Jardin Japonais (or Japanese Garden)



If you only had a few hours in Toulouse, this is what I’d recommend you to see. This super peaceful garden is covered in flowers and aromatic plants. Walk by the lake and sit down on a bench to just spend some time relaxing or reading a book.

Where to stay: Elegant Apartment in The Historic Center

Jerome gave us a few indications of the best locations to stay in Toulouse. The city center was the main recommendation, so we found an awesome flat just 2 minutes away from the Capitole.

We arrived quite late but Welkeys, the company managing the flat, had a concierge waiting for us at the property.



The Esquirol metro station and a public parking are right by the entrance of the building, so your needs are covered whether you choose to drive or to use public transport. It’s the most convenient location and surrounded by many little boutiques and bakeries.



We were very happy with the flat for its great living room and kitchen. We had Jerome and Veronique over for dinner and had a great time just playing music and catching up.


The flat was fully furnished. Some of the amenities include a coffee machine and bed linens.


The flat has a picturesque view of the roofs of Toulouse.


Welkeys has properties all over France, and they are all as fancy as our home in Toulouse. Here is the link for you to get inspired: Club Welkeys.

Click here for Part 2 of this guide 🙂

What I Wore

Pair of earrings: My own Design (Brand Launching Soon)

White Dress: Na-kd

Floral Jumpsuit: Na-kd

Until next time




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  1. Sheree says:

    You’re right, Toulouse is often overlooed and it’s a lovely town for a week-end break. But, shush, don’t let too many people in on the secret.

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    1. Sheree says:

      That should be “overlooked”

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    2. Sheree, you’re so right about that.
      Next time I won’t revel all the secrets 😉


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