10 Instagram Photos That Will Inspire You to Travel The World

Today, I want to show you to some of the best Instagram photos that have inspired me to travel the world.

Get pen and paper ready for that bucket list!

R.E.S.C.U.E Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya.

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Reteti doesn’t only care for elephants. We also care for a host of other orphaned animals, including reticulated #giraffe, like Shorty. Shorty the giraffe loves to give kisses which wildlife keeper Banki is receiving here. Shorty, or "Fupi" in Swahili, will go back to the wild once strong enough to survive on his own. Reticulated giraffe, which scientists have recently determined to be one of four distinct species of giraffe, number about 8,000 individuals — as a separate species, it makes them some of the most endangered large mammals in the world. Photo by @amivitale. @conservationorg @glassybaby @sararacamp @lifeisgoodco @yachakorganic @tusk_org @sandiegozoo @natgeo @nrt_kenya @kenyawildlifeservice #stoppoaching #dontletthemdisappear #kenya #magicalkenya #africa #whyilovekenya #cuteanimals

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Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA

Sunset in Zaragoza, Spain

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Greetings from #zaragoza

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Bonobo Conservation Initiative, Congo

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Photo by @FransLanting You’re looking at Lana, a female bonobo, playing with another female’s infant by balancing it on her feet—a game any human parent can sympathize with. Bonobos engage in social interactions we long thought of as exclusively human: They play, show empathy—and they practice sex for pleasure. Compared with chimps, bonobo brains are more developed in areas assumed to be vital for emotions like feeling empathy and sensing distress in others. I worked with a captive bonobo community to document intimate behavior impossible to capture in the dense jungles of the Congo Basin, the only place where they occur in the wild. There are fewer than 10.000 bonobos alive and their survival depends on our ability to apply the same kind of compassion to them that we cherish so much in ourselves. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more stories about the connections between us and our relatives on the great tree of life. @natgeo @natgeotravel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #BonoboConservationInitiative #Bonobos #Chimps #Apes #Play #Compassion #Empathy #Naturelovers #Wisdom

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Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

Calas de Conil, Spain

Goats eating argan nuts in Morocco

Iguaçu Falls, Argentina

Posets-Maladeta National Park, Spain (there isn’t even phone signal there!)

Have I missed a great place? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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