3 Best Indian Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Instagram has become my greatest source of inspiration. It’s my window to the creative people of the world when I’m not out there traveling myself. It has; however, become a bit noisy in terms of how many people push sub-standard content.

India is colorful and filled with artistic Instagrammers that will give you a daily dose of creativity. India is also the 5th country in terms of traffic to the Instagram platforms.

I have made a short list of my favorite Instagram accounts.

These are my top picks:


@shenaztreasury Travel, Hotels & Smiles. I love her sense of style and travel choices. She will surely inspire you to your next adventures!


@aashnashroff The Snob Journal. She takes beautiful pictures that you’ll love and is super stylish.


@stitchandshizzle Wander with me. I am based in Spain and love to share my adventures with you!

Did I miss any good ones? Please let me know in the comments:)


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  1. Louise says:

    Great! I’ll check them out.

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