Molino Tejada: The Most Charming Rustic Hotel in Spain

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I feel privileged to get to discover the hidden gems of the world – the truly hidden ones. The only thing that makes it better is sharing them with you. Of course, hidden gems don’t come around in every trip but when they do, I get the best feeling!



Our latest weekend adventure took us to Cantabria, a stunning region north of Spain. Tucked away in the middle of nowhere, we found Molino Tejada, a watermill turned into a rustic boutique hotel with just a few rooms.



Molino Tejada is so remote, you’d never know about it unless you were specifically looking for it. The watermill was restored to stimulate your senses, with rooms inspired by renown Spanish authors like Cervantes. If that weren’t enough, wait until you see the river flowing beneath your feet!




The nearest major airport is Bilbao, a great place to land and visit before you embark your weekend adventure. 2 hours drive will feel too short as you enjoy the scenery – nothing short of spectacular.



Little did we know as we entered the property that the stunning surroundings were just the second best thing in Cantabria. Miguel and I visit a lot of fancy hotels – almost obscenely luxurious. Molino Tejada is a different kind of luxury, one which is subtle, personal and really charming.



We don’t like “luxury”, we find the term almost obsolete in the era we live in. Better yet, I would say luxury has been redefined, and it is places like Molino Tejada that are pushing the boundaries. Luxury is simple, authentic, timeless, private, remote. Molino Tejada has it all.



The hotel is like an enchanted fairytale. It is a family business, one with a lot of history. Celia Tejada, the hotel’s founder, owns antiques, many of which found their home at the “Molino“.




She also crafts wine and makes it available for her guests, for free, anytime. It’s actually a very fine wine with a rich aroma which we loved. Obviously, when you are at the hotel, you become a guest of the Tejada family. Thank you.




You couldn’t imagine a place like this in your wildest dreams. We had the best romantic weekend but the hotel is also great for special occasions and wifi-free countryside adventures. Stay in the Cervantes suite for the best possible experience.



See you soon Molino Tejada!

More great pictures and travel advice about Cantabria will follow soon. Follow me on Instagram for the latest updates 😉


What I Wore

Bedroom Outfit

Pair of earrings: My own Design (Brand Launching Soon)

Dress: Asos

Pair of Shoes: Charles & Kieth

Hotel Outfit

Pair of earrings: My own Design (Brand Launching Soon)

Dress: Pitusa

Over the Knee Boots: Zara

Until next time



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  1. mynewsdrive says:

    Your pictures are amazing! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much 😊

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  2. Sheree says:

    Looks a charming spot, thanks for sharing.

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    1. My pleasure, I’m glad you like it Sheree.


  3. Louise says:

    Really beautiful post, now literally feel like visiting this place

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    1. I’m glad you like it!


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