Palma de Mallorca in Style

Whereas I dedicated a blog post to Mallorca as an island, now I want to talk to you about Palma de Mallorca, an incredibly beautiful little town where you will most certainly land.

Palma de Mallorca in Style


Palma de Mallorca in Style



As I walked through Palma’s narrow streets and saw the sun setting over its stunning cathedral, I couldn’t stop thinking about Game of Thrones. I can clearly imagine Khaleesi walking down the sand-shade walls of the old city, waiting for her dragons!

Palma de Mallorca in Style

Palma de Mallorca in Style

Palma de Mallorca in StyleEven if you are not into city tourism, Palma de Mallorca is a city like no other: charming, small, and full of restaurants. Shopping in Palma is great too. There are lots of small independent stores where you can find unusual treasures!

Palma de Mallorca in Style

We stayed at Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa, a hotel certainly out of the ordinary. It was originally a palace from the XVI century and it shows – it’s majestic. I say out of the ordinary because its luxurious but refined like only the best boutique hotels can.

Palma de Mallorca in Style

The team at Palacio Ca Sa Galesa was wonderful and helped us make the most out of our time on the island. They had bicycles up for grab at the hotel, which is a nice touch! If you like cycling, feel free to be adventurous and explore nearby fishermen’s villages!

Palma de Mallorca in Style

The hotel is quite small and each room is different, inspired by different figures from the arts. Around the hotel there are authentic pieces of art by world-renown artists – I won’t tell you which ones so you can discover them yourself!


Palma de Mallorca in Style

The rooms have a private jacuzzi too because who doesn’t like that?

Mallorca, we will be back!

Palma de Mallorca in Style

What I Wore

Pool outfit

Customised hat: Bits And Pieces 

Lemon print Dress: NA-KD Fashion

Pair of Shoes: Zara

Hotel Outfit

Dress: Zara

Pair of earrings: (My own jewelry collection – Launching Soon)

City Outfit

Dress: NA-KD Fashion

Pair of shoes: Charles & Kieth

Until next time




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  1. Aixa says:

    Always wonderful photos 👍 My favorite is the one of you holding the cup and saucer by the tall windows

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Aixa,
      I always love your comments, inspire to me do more colourful and innovative post.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a gorgeous-looking city. I’m usually not one for city tourism, no surprise there, but I love the architecture and warm colors of the buildings in your photographs. I think I could spend considerable time wandering around Mallorca, taking pictures of the artistically-designed buildings.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Victoria Decoraprive says:

    Me encanta tus trajes, el Hotel es precioso y el ambiente muy acojedor,luminoso y atractivo.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Beyoutiful says:

    Your pics are amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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