Port Aventura, the Best Theme Park in Barcelona

Last week was my birthday and I got quite a few presents, from a new handbag to a weekend getaway. Perhaps my favourite gift was a weekend getaway, including tickets to Port Aventura!

Port Aventura Salou Barcelona

Port Aventura Salou Barcelona

I had been wanting to go to this theme park for a while – it’s one of the best in Spain and definitely the main attraction for thrill seekers near Barcelona.

We planned to spend the whole day there, which is necessary given the size of the park. In fact, one day is not enough if you want to visit Ferrari Land or the water park.


We had so much fun there and, although we are in high season, it wasn’t packed and queues were reasonable. The busiest times are from noon until 5 pm, so you can plan to have lunch and see a show during this time when the queues to the rides are longest.

Port Aventura Salou Barcelona

The ambience of the park is beautiful – it’s like fantasy and there are lots of animators around to make it live up to your expectation.

What to do

Port Aventura has great rides for adults and children. I have done a lot of thinking to put down a list of my favourite rides:

  1. Shambhala: Super cool roller coaster.
  2. Furious Baco: This one is extremely busy in the morning since it’s the nearest one to the entrance. Do not make the mistake to go on it until later in the day, when people have spread in the park.
  3. Dragon Khan: First coaster in the park and still amazing
  4. Huracan Condor. Free fall!!

The shows are good. To be honest we didn’t purposefully attend any but we saw some as we were passing by. We tried to see the can-can dance in the Far West but we were late so we missed it! Now we have a reason to go back 🙂


Hotels near Port Aventura

Salou is 15 minutes away from the park and there are plenty of hotels for all types of visitors: couples, family, luxury, budget… Salou is a busy place with good shopping and party so don’t waste the night!

There are a few hotels in Port Aventura, and obviously, they include tickets to the park. The most popular one is PortAventura® Hotel Gold River. It has one of the highest ratings in Salou so definitely an option to consider. If was fully booked when we were there so make sure to book as soon as you can!

There are other hotels near the park – you can check them out here.



The price of the park is 50€, but they always have promotions that can save you up to 20€ off your visit. For example, buying sweets or coke bottles entitles you to discount this summer. The best choice is to visit your local supermarket in Spain and ask the staff for products with Port Aventura promotions, which is what I did.

Port Aventura Salou Barcelona

We paid for an Express ticket to skip the queue but it’s not something we can recommend for 33€ of extra cost. The queues weren’t that long when we were there; however, it might be a good option if you don’t have too much time to spend at the park.


Also, if you visit Port Aventura, you can get 30% discount in the water park on the next day. The final price for the water park will be around 20€.


Opening Times

The park opens at 10 am and shuts down at midnight. This is plenty of time to see everything and even go more than once on your favourite rides. We rode Shambhala 3 times! At 11.40 there is a fireworks show at the entrance which is worth seeing. So many pretty colours!

Port Aventura Salou Barcelona

Getting to the park

There are regular buses from Salou and every nearby town. Ask the hotel staff and they will be happy to direct you. Alternatively, you can rent a car to move freely. This website works really well for rentals: RentalCars.com

Port Aventura Salou Barcelona


  1. Definitely, take food with you. They do bag check so put your food at the bottom of your bag.
  2. There is drinking water near the washroom so you can save a lot of money on drinks. A beer costs 4.5€ so if you are on a budget this is privative!
  3. The parking costs 12€ per car so, again, if you are on a budget, consider getting the bus.
  4. Book your hotel through this link for a 15€ discount on booking.com
Have fun!!!!!!!
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  1. dfolstad58 says:

    Happy birthday, I would like to see Spain and look forward to seeing Barcelona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I’ve few blog posts on different parts of Spain, you can feel free to visit them. I hope you like them and can help you to plan your trip 🙂


  2. Nice hair. I think you are the love of my life

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    1. You motivate me to look pretty all the time.


  3. Belated birthday wishes! Fun photo shoot especially the one of you sitting in the lap of the Buddha.x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I’m glad you like pictures

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  4. Sneha Parekh says:

    Belated Happy Birthday sweetie… Loved your blog… Amazing photos and I love what you are wearing!!!! Looks like a very much fun place.

    Liked by 1 person

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