5 Handbag Trends you Must Have this Season

A new handbag is one of the coolest ways to refresh a look. I’ve been going through the latest trends to come up with my top 5 picks for this coming season. I have to admit, the new handbag trends have left me wishing for a much higher paycheck! Designers are really pushing the boundaries in this category. Some of my favorite handbag designers, such as Les Petits Joueurs aren’t easy to find in many countries, so I’ve added some links to ease your search.

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The Soft Hobo

Alexander Wang: Roxy Pebbled Hobo Bag

Soft hobos are all over the catwalk, with every top luxury maison doing their own interpretation of it. My favorite is the Roxy bag by Alexander Wang. It can be worn in many different ways (I can think of at least 3) and its signature chain gives it distinction. I saw this handbag in Hong Kong and the leather is a very high-quality cowhide.

The price before discount is $595 – not bad at all for a bag this size!

Shades of Red

Les Petits Joueurs: Baby Alex Snake Napa Satchel Bag

Let Petit Joueurs is a really fun brand which I love. Out of the 5 must-haves for this season, 2 are from this brand. Maria Sole Cecchi is pure genius and she has a fun and playful approach to luxury. I don’t think you can see in the image but the hardware is gold and the beading is so much fun with a snake and stars!

Obviously, this much craftsmanship comes at a price; however, $970 is reasonable for this level of detail.

Cozy Embellishment

Les Petits Joueurs: Micro Alex Bunny Velvet & Leather Satchel Bag

My favorite one! The fluffy pom pom is so cozy it’s almost therapeutic to feel it. This bag is made in Italy and the removable strap has studs in it. It’s a super cool look that you must have. The price is $730 before discount.


Rafe: Maryanne Faceted Minaudiere

Rafe is a super-sophisticated firm that takes inspiration from the city of New York. This kakibe and hammer shell mosaic is wonderful. Click the image and enlarge – you will see just how beautiful is this artful minaudiere.

The price is $745 before discount.

Mini Bag

Fendi: Kan I Mini Aubusson-Print Chain Shoulder Bag

Fendi is one of my top firms for its high creativity and craftsmanship. Before I continue, I have to tell you: this bag is for $2,600 and, even after the discount, I will NEVER in a million years be able to afford it. This bag, Kan I, is made in Italy and the leather is printed. The palladium hardware is just beautiful.

And the winner is…

There can’t really be a winner because these 5 bags belong to entirely different inspirations and user occasion. The soft hobo is a spacious and comfortable handbag but the fluffy pom pom is the coolest thing in the planet right now! Anyways… Let’s hope people will be good for Christmas this year (no hopes!)

Get 15% discount

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