Leading Lady at the house of royals


Being a small town, Zaragoza’s beauty is striking. The Aljaferia is my latest finding – a castle that hosted kings both from Spain´s Moorish and Catholic times.

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Most of the castle is open for wanderers like me. My favorite part was the garden, full of gorgeous orange trees, and its ornamented windows and arcs. It was such a wonderful place!



The entrance fee is 5€ and it’s totally worth it!



Perhaps the most impressive characteristic is the super calm atmosphere which makes you feel at peace. Take a relaxing walk around the Aljaferia and recharge your batteries for another day at the city!




This shoot is about empowerment and the openness of the XXI century. What once was for the enjoyment of a very lucky few now belongs to the people.

I bridged this thought with a feminist touch to show a leading lady who is ready for today.



I paired this suit with a lovely red bralette – isn’t it sexy 😉 This is a must have this summer.

 “Florals? For summer? Groundbreaking recites every person who has watched The Devil Wears Prada“. (FYI I can never get over this movie)



These florals are so rad in coloration, scale, fabrication and mood that designers thought to best go full throttle in blooms from head to toe.

Time to add a new suit in the closet! and don’t forget the ear cuff.



By the way, this place is part of UNECO’s Heritage.


To see more of Zaragoza, see my other blog posts: A day at El Pilar in Zaragoza

This time I had less words and more pictures to show you. I hope you guys like it, do comment for this little change 😉


What I Wore

Pair of ear cuff : Peora

Bralette : Zivame

Watch : Michael Kors

Suit : Zara

Shoes : Zara

Until next time



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  1. Thanks for the follow 🙂


  2. restlessjo says:

    You look fabulous, as does the setting. 🙂

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    1. da-AL says:

      I agree, restlessjo – beautiful post, stitch & shizzle 🙂

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  3. Clare Pooley says:

    What a beautiful blog! Thank-you so much for visiting my blog and for the follow.

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    1. Thank you 😊 I’m glad you like it ✌🏻

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  4. Soul Gifts says:

    That building looks stunning !

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  5. Beautiful pictures. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  6. newepicauthor says:

    I have never seen a woman wearing a bralette yet, but I am all for them and I hope that they usher in a new era of body positivity for women so they can continue to flaunt their assets.

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